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How many choices of Spa Blowers do you want? Pogue Pool Spa has 70 spa blowers and related products meaning you get a wide selection. This results in getting the best spa blower fit at the best price online without the hassle of driving from big box to hardware stores around town.

Family owned and operated Pogue Pool Spa has been providing top product choices for more than 20 years bringing significant savings on everything from spa blowers, pumps, and filters to control systems, sanitizers, cleaners and maintenance products.

Some of the top of the line blowers for spas include:

  • Therm Products 2HP 6.0AMP JJ Plug Blower
  • Therm Products 1HP 3.5AMP 220V JJ Plug Blower
  • CG Air 120V Air Millennium Blower with Heater
  • Air Supply 2.0HP 6A 110V 4 Pin AMP Blower
  • Air Supply 2.0HP 9A 220V 4 Pin AMP Blower

Top manufacturers like CG Air, Therm Products, Air Supply and other leading brands offer custom designed blowers to create quality air flow inside your spa. With air pressure creating bubbles, the blower turns a spa into a great massage experience. Many people also enjoy the jet sounds as contributing to the soothing experience.

Units come in 110V and 220V configurations with different plug types available to suit customer requirements. It's a simple mechanical part consisting of fan motor and casing. They are hooked to spa plumbing with 1.5-inch or 2-inch connections. If units fail, it's easier to replace the entire blower than try to fix a part.

Spa products don't last forever. Even the best products can succumb to wear and tear. Pogue Pool Spa offers a simple to use online shopping experience with full details on pumps and pool and spa products. Many stores only stock a few items. We stock all of them at reasonable prices.

Other spa products offered include:

  • Air Buttons, Air Controls, Air Injectors
  • Boards and Accessories, Connectors, Control Panels
  • Heater Manifolds, Heaters and Heater Parts
  • Jets, Sensors, Thermostats, Time Clocks, Transformers

For more details about Pogue Pool Spa or questions and orders, please email, call toll-free and use our simple online forms today.