Air Controls

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Are you looking for spa air controls for your pool spa or hot tub? Part of the luxury of a hot tub or pool spa is the water pressure from the jets. However, if you do not have air controls, the hot tub is just a hot bath. To get a better idea of what we have to offer to keep your hot tub running optimally, keep reading.

Spa air controls versus spa controls?

When you are shopping for air controls for a spa, it can be difficult to understand exactly what you need. As someone that does not design, repair or sell hot tubs and spa pools for a living, you may not know the jargon. In short, spa air controls are a box of electronics that makes the hot tub work. It is the brain of all operations.

On the other hand, air controls for spas are simple devices that are often shaped like a mushroom cap with a stem. They are often replaced because the nuts, o-ring, or other sealing components start to breakdown. They may also need to be replaced because the air control becomes clogged and stops working. Regardless of your repair needs, we offer several brands on our website that will help you get the job done.

Brands we carry

When it comes to repair solutions for your hot tub, we have three brands that are guaranteed to work in multiple types of models. In particular, we carry the Balboa/Hydro Air, CMP and Waterway brands. Within that group of the air controls, you will find slim-line controls with or without the handles, teardrop and top draw air controls. They are found in a range of sizes from one-half inch and greater.

Features you will find in our air controls for hot tubs

In addition to a range of brands, sizes and features, we also have key components that you can order to go with a current air control. For example, you can order the Hydro air gasket in the one-half inch size. To get started with our website, pick the brand that you want to work with and keep clicking on the pictures that best match your current part. No matter what your needs, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want and offer customer service for anyone that has trouble finding the correct replacement parts.