Tecmark 3902A 3/16" Pool & Spa Compression Fitting
Tecmark 3902B 1/4" Pool & Spa Compression Fitting

Spas are luxuries that can enable you to break free from your everyday life and treat yourself to warm relaxation. However, just like other types of appliances, they must be maintained to ensure that they stay in proper working order. To ensure that your spa functions properly, you have to make sure that you have the appropriate adapters hooking all the pumps and parts together.

More often than not, when a spa stops working properly, such as when the water won’t stay at a predefined temperature, it is due to a problem with a spa adapter. In some cases, you simply need to have the adapter replaced. In more favorable instances, any issues are simply related to adapters and not the control panel, which is more costly to fix. Fortunately, at Pogue Pool Spa, we offer a variety of spa adapters so that no matter which adapter you need replaced, we’ve got you covered. We offer various types of spa adapters, from 4 to 8 transformer adapters to 9 pin to 8 pin adapters. Even if all you need is a barb adapter, compression fitting adapter or pressure switch adapter, we’ve got those as well. If your spa problem does end up being related to the control panel, we have those as well.

We also have virtually everything else you could need to keep your spa operating smoothly. Perhaps your spa’s chemical balance is off. We have a variety of chemicals designed to address any issue that you have, from alkalinity to calcium to water softeners. Additionally, we offer a variety of systems designed to help make maintaining your spa easier than ever. For instance, a chemical feeder can help ensure that your spa is always properly balanced and sanitized by dispersing a small amount of chlorine or bromine into your spa over a long period of time instead of you having to add the chemicals to it yourself.

We also offer more luxurious products for your spa as well, such as spa scents and lighting to make your spa especially beautiful and luminous. Take the steps to maintain your spa today by visiting Pogue Pool Spa and perusing our inventory of exemplary products.